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How a self-serve ordering system improves customer experience in restaurants

With self-serve ordering systems limiting human interaction with merchants, how do you improve customer experience in your restaurant? Read this blog post to find out.
Lucy McInally
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In his book - Critics, Ratings and Society - sociologist Grant Blank explains the importance of restaurant reviews; in his words, “reviews can make or break the balance sheet”. When booking a new restaurant, a prospective customer will start by reading a variety of recommendations, particularly about the general customer experience. However, with emerging hospitality technologies changing the way that guests receive customer service, for instance, self-serve ordering systems that limit human interaction with merchants; how do you improve customer experience in your restaurant? Read this blog post to find out. 

A self-serve ordering system enhances customer experience

Whilst hospitality venues onced relied on restaurant technology to manage internal operations, the pandemic accelerated the development of customer-facing technology. In the last couple of years, customers have learnt how to book tables, join virtual queues and order food in-house (as well as straight to their door) with a touch of a few buttons. With good user experience, restaurant technology makes a customer’s visit easy and stress-free. A self-serve ordering system processes customer orders quickly. Consequently, your customers expect to use technology to enhance their experience. 

A self-serve ordering system creates safer experiences

Whilst demand in restaurant technology increases, you might still have a concern that limiting human interaction hinders customer experience. It actually does the opposite. Since 2020, guests have felt apprehensive about mixing with others. A survey conducted by CGA in June 2020, reported that 24% of people in the UK have wanted to return to hospitality venues but don’t feel comfortable. Contactless technology makes guest experiences safer and more hygienic. It’s not the only benefit for customers; with a self-serve ordering system, guests can place their order without leaving belongings unattended at the table, thus making them feel less anxious. When customers know they’ll receive safe experiences at your venue, they’ll be encouraged to return.  

Results of a survey, conducted by CGA in June 2020, about the UK hospitality industry
Results of a survey, conducted by CGA in June 2020, about the UK hospitality industry

A self-serve ordering system enables guests to feel in control of their experience

A self-serve ordering system empowers customers with the control of their experience. For example, when they can simply pick up a smart device and start ordering food and drink, guests won’t need to wait for someone to serve them. This also reduces the number of mistakes made when placing an order. A faster service impresses customers, making them feel more inclined to leave positive feedback. Additionally, a self-serve ordering system helps to improve your business, as your staff can achieve higher value tasks and you reduce costs. Read more about the benefits of ordering systems at restaurants and cafes

They’ll receive more personal experiences

It raises the bar when guests receive personalised customer experiences. With YOOLOX self-serve ordering system, our unique device recognition technology keeps customer favourites for when they return. This optimises guest experience and boosts brand loyalty. Meanwhile, you’ll gain insights to help you make further improvements to your customer experience.  

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