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All you need to know about self-serve ordering

In 2022, self-serve ordering systems powered by QR codes is a must-have for hospitality businesses. If you’re not familiar with this technology, then this blog post shares all you need to know about self-serve ordering.
Lucy McInally
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Our society has become reliant on technology to enhance our lives. Whether it’s shopping online or ordering a takeaway using an app, the technology at our fingertips just makes things easier. Traditionally, hospitality businesses were slow to adopt digital solutions, but this all changed when frequent venue closures and staff losses during the pandemic led many hospitality businesses to integrate technology that, quite literally, saved their bacon. Two years on, and EHL Insights declares that self-serve ordering systems powered by QR codes, is a must-have for hospitality businesses. If you’re not familiar with this technology, then this blog post shares all you need to know about self-serve ordering. 

What is self-serve ordering?

Self-serve ordering technology can come in a standalone system or integrated into an existing hospitality management system, to provide customers with a direct and uninterrupted ordering method from their table. Guests will use their smart device to scan a QR code placed on the table, and a menu pop up from which they can select food and drink and pay on their device. Guests only need to spare a few moments to place an order. With YOOLOX self-serve ordering, you can save customer favourites to provide your guests with a personalised service that boosts customer loyalty and guest experience all round. 

Why do you need self-serve ordering?

For hospitality businesses, customer experience is at the heart of what you do. The more rave reviews you receive, the more custom you get. Well, in order to gain an amazing reputation, you’ll have to provide tip-top service. Self-serve ordering eliminates grievances that might occur if a waiter has left your customer impatiently waiting to place their order or an anxious customer doesn’t want to leave belongings at their table to order at the counter. With self-serve ordering, customers take control of their orders, so if a customer craves more, they can simply place another order without a second to think about it. Self-serve ordering boosts sales, increases retention rate and improves guest experience. 

When should you start using self-serve ordering?

If you’re not already using self-serve ordering at your hospitality venue, then now is the time. As it’s contactless, self-serve ordering provides safe and hygienic user experiences, which helped hospitality businesses stay open at certain points during the pandemic. But self-serve ordering not only helps hospitality stay flexible, it also optimises operations and increases revenue, as self-serve technology upsells more effectively than waiting staff. YOOLOX self-serve ordering offers additional benefits, including gathering valuable insights. From knowing what your best selling dishes are, to understanding the most popular times that guests visit your venue, the data collected helps you learn more about customer behaviour, which is invaluable for business growth. 

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