Collect customer feedback in real-time

Answer a short question in exchange for a wireless charging session. It’s a no-brainer, right? Your customers will think so too.

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Why should you collect customer feedback?

When you listen to your customers, you’ll create amazing customer experiences

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Make email surveys a thing of the past

Collect feedback while things are happening at the table

Asking for customer feedback in real-time generates a higher response rate and collects accurate responses to create amazing customer experiences. 

Ask the right question at the right time

Integrate our dynamic survey into your operations to program event triggered questions.

Supercharge your customer insights with our analytics

Turn data into actionable insights and  increase your Net Promoter Score.

"Did you enjoy tasting our seasonal menu?"

Receive insights on new offerings  and make time sensitive improvements.

"How was your spa treatment?"

Set up event triggered surveys to collect feedback on your amenities.

"Is your office space clean?"

Gather area specific insights to allocate sufficient resources.

"Collecting customer feedback has never been this easy."

YOOLOX is a game changer! Based on the feedback we collected, we were able to make improvements quickly. In as little as four months, our NPS increased by 27 points. - Eric Fendius, CEO for Maxim Hospitality Group

With data that actually matters.

Schedule posts easily
Plan and create content that connects to your audience.
Enhance customer engagement
Build online communities with effective audience commuincation.
Boost your ROI
Use in-depth reports to build a powerful social media strategy.

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