Self-serve ordering
for restaurants & cafes

Powered by our unique device recognition technology and QR codes, the ordering system allows you to effortlessly improve customer experience and gather insights on returning customers.

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132 user rating
132 user rating
132 user rating
132 user rating

The perfect solution for hospitality venues

Boost revenue

Customers are more likely to reorder food and drink using a self-serve ordering system, as they won't have to leave their belongings unattended to reorder at the counter.

Improve customer experience

Provide guests with the freedom to order  without having to wait for service. 

Gather customer insights

Gain insights on customer return rate and LTV using our unique device recognition technology. Learn customer preferences and prioritise their favourites.

Meet Harry

Harry is a freelance graphic designer. He’s looking for a cafe where he can work on his laptop.

Harry's dilemma

Harry finds the perfect cafe and rushes to a free table. He realises that he’ll need to leave his belongings unattended to order at the counter. This makes him feel anxious.

Bish bash bosh

Harry spots the self-serve ordering QR code powered by YOOLOX on his table. He orders an oat latte on his phone in a matter of minutes.

Harry is happy

30 minutes later, Harry feels peckish and uses the system to order a slice of homemade brownie. The cafe has become his favourite and he plans to return.

Gather insight

Our device recognition technology will pick up on Harry's favourites and spending habits in-store for a more personalised service next time he visits.

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