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Partnering with Ruby Hotels to improve customer experience with YOOLOX Charging

With YOOLOX Charging, Ruby Hotels is responding to their guests’ needs quickly, as part of their lean luxury philosophy.
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The UK staycation boom is here to stay. Flight cancellations, Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainties have led more travellers to holiday in Cornwall and the Cotswolds, over a trip abroad. Hotels are responding to this emerging trend in local tourism, by offering budget-luxe solutions that  increase comfort and focus on sustainability, whilst facilitating remote working. . Innovative hotel chain and YOOLOX partner - Ruby Hotels - is at the forefront of this shift. 

What Ruby Group is all about

Munich-based Ruby Group has venues across Europe. “From 80s kitsch to haute couture, royalty to reportage”, each Ruby Hotel is uniquely designed to reflect the city that it’s based in the heart of. Ruby Rosi is the most recent Ruby Hotel to open its doors in Munich at the end of June, with its design reflecting local Bavarian fairy tales and folklore. Ruby Hotels don’t only offer accommodation, as their venues in Vienna, Dusseldorf and Hamburg also provide flexible coworking spaces. 

Ruby Hotels in the UK 

In the UK, Ruby Hotels has successfully operated one property since 2020 - Ruby Lucy, in Waterloo on London’s South Bank. They have several more in the pipeline for the UK, coming to Notting Hill, Clerkenwell and Southwark in 2023. This will bring the total number of Ruby hotel rooms in London to 571. 

The lean luxury philosophy

Ruby Hotels pioneers a lean luxury philosophy that makes them stand out in the hospitality industry. “Lean luxury means not paying for things you don't need or want”, explains Michael Struck, Founder and CEO at Ruby Hotels; “we consistently leave away things we deem as unimportant. This concept believes we don't need a restaurant or room service in a hotel that is located in the heart of the city.” That’s why the bar becomes the breakfast room, check in is an automated process, and complimentary refreshments are provided in a communal space. Lean luxury is about being smart with space, streamlining and digitising processes, to save money for both business and customers. 

Source: Ruby Hotels

YOOLOX Charging at Ruby Hotels

Ruby Hotels identify guests as people with a zest for travel and exploring their local surroundings. They are a people-first company, even down to a recent recruitment drive that incentivises new staff members to join their team with a free tattoo, piercing or haircut. The Ruby Group have seamlessly integrated YOOLOX Charging at 500 hotel rooms in Cologne, Munich, Zurich, to facilitate a wireless charging session for guests’ smartphones. Imagine a guest arrives at a Ruby Hotel after a long flight, and they’ve forgotten to bring their phone charger away with them.  Their phone is low on battery, luckily, their hotel room has a  charging pad. They place their phone down and the charging session begins. We believe the future is without cables and cords, and so do Ruby Hotels.

YOOLOX Solutions

To make your guest experience even better, add YOOLOX Insights to exchange a wireless charging session for a simple piece of customer feedback, collected in real-time. Our additional solution, YOOLOX Ordering gives guests control of ordering room service, which generates more revenue, improves customer LTV and reduces staff costs.

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