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Stack & Dome Press Release

HosTech start-up YOOLOX partners with UK's first Stack & Dome Restaurant in Camden Market and increases their revenue by 15%
Lucy McInally
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YOOLOX partners with Stack & Dome restaurant to generate more revenue and enhance guest experience with self-serve ordering

YOOLOX hospitality technology solutions has partnered with UK-based Stack & Dome burger restaurant in Camden to generate more revenue and enhance guest experience with YOOLOX Ordering, a self-serve ordering platform.

The UK’s first Stack & Dome Restaurant is located in Camden Market Buck Street, the pop-up container market which opened in 2020. What makes Stack & Dome so unique is that they use quality 72 day dry aged beef. CEO, Omar Kamal, believes that a good burger should be simple.

With YOOLOX QR code and unique device recognition technology installed at Stack & Dome, guests can order food and drink without leaving their table. From placing an order to making payment, the entire process is simplified with YOOLOX technology. Guests don’t need to flag down a waiter or wait for someone to place their order for them. By relying on technology, the risk of human errors and placing wrong orders is reduced. This gives guests control of a fantastic customer experience.

“Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do'', says Omar Kamal, CEO of Stack & Dome, who praises YOOLOX Ordering technology for improving customer experience at their Camden venue. “Self-serve ordering makes our customer service even better, as guests handle their ordering whilst our team makes sure guests have everything they need and are super friendly and engaged with customers''.

Stack & Dome partners with the restaurants and bars across Camden Market Buck Street, to give their customers a variety of culinary choices. QR codes are dotted around the market; whether customers sit in the Stack & Dome restaurant or in the bar next door, customers can scan and order their burgers with YOOLOX Ordering, whilst increasing their revenue . Their partnership with neighbouring Spirited bar has generated 15% more revenue for Stack & Dome.

David Photien, Founder at YOOLOX, is pleased with the partnership, saying: “Hospitality businesses have struggled over the last couple of years. We recognise that enhancing guest experience is crucial to their success. YOOLOX technology works to increase profit whilst enhancing customer experience, optimising operations and reducing staff costs”.

Stack & Dome look forward to a meaty future, with Omar planning to develop a “dark kitchen” concept to service customers on food delivery apps, like Deliveroo and Ubereats, and providing four different cuisines across the board.


YOOLOX delivers technology solutions to enhance guest experience and improve understanding of customer needs at hospitality venues, including cafés, restaurants and hotels. Self-serve ordering with YOOLOX Ordering encourages customers to spend more and stay longer at venues, helping businesses generate more revenue, boost customer satisfaction and loyalty whilst reducing management costs. With YOOLOX Insights, hospitality businesses can create even better guest experiences, by collecting customer feedback using dynamic surveys and event-triggered questions. Add-on YOOLOX Charging enables greater accessibility to wireless charging and can be seamlessly integrated at venues.

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