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3 best tools to measure NPS in a restaurant

Learn how to measure NPS for your hospitality business in 3 ways. Find out how to collect customer feedback instantly at your venues and increase the NPS for your business.
Lucy McInally
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For restaurants, a Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most important metrics used to predict business growth. NPS links directly to customer loyalty; the higher a customer rates your restaurant, the more likely they will return and recommend it to others. And whilst marketing is important, nothing beats having a good reputation. According to a report from Nielson, word of mouth recommendations from friends and family are the most trustworthy forms of advertising. NPS is measured by collecting customer feedback and consists of a single question: How likely would a customer recommend your restaurant to their friend or colleague? Customers must choose a number between 1-10. The higher the number, the better - a number between 9-10 is excellent, whilst a number below 6 shows that your customers are dissatisfied with your service and unlikely to return. As NPS is used to forecast business success, it’s ideal to collect this type of customer feedback regularly. In this blog post, we’ll share 3 best tools to measure NPS in a restaurant.

Measure NPS with surveys

It’s easy to set up web page surveys to collect NPS, using tools such as Hotjar - to embed surveys into web pages - or Delighted - to send a rating system in an email. If you receive customer emails via your online booking system, you can ask for feedback by setting up automated emails sent straight after your customers leave your venue. To receive a better understanding of their customer experience, you can follow up with more questions through conducting a long form survey. This will help you know which improvements you should be making for better customer experiences. Whether you’ve set up automated emails or asked your customers to visit your website and leave feedback, the fact is that your customers will be undertaking this task (if at all) well after they’ve visited your venue. This results in a low response rate with limited results. It also won’t be valuable towards predicting your business growth or understanding customer satisfaction. 

Measure NPS with smart devices

To receive a higher volume of quality customer feedback, the solution involves asking your NPS question in real-time. One method involves implementing technology into your operations, for example, bill folders to take payment. Bill folder company Foodtable claim that 90% of guests respond to their survey questions, which are asked right before a customer pays their bill. However, requesting that your customer pays their bill and provides feedback might be too much of an ask. As there is no instant reward for your customer, the “skip” button might be too easy an option for them. Your customer is probably ready to pay and leave your venue at this point too. Whilst receiving real-time actionable feedback from guests via smart devices leads to high response rates, the downside of using these tools to collect customer feedback includes the maintenance necessary to use multiple devices, which aren’t always reliable.  

Measure NPS instantly with YOOLOX

For restaurants, receiving positive feedback is absolutely critical towards business growth. Whilst NPS is a simple concept, answering one question is much easier than putting aside five minutes to respond to multiple questions. Meanwhile, one of the challenges is to encourage customers to take action and provide feedback. Sometimes this requires an incentive. With YOOLOX, you can exchange customer feedback for a wireless charging session. Your customer simply needs to scan the QR code and answer the NPS question, before placing their phone on the table to charge. You’ve instantly collected customer feedback in your insights dashboard. If you want to follow up on your questions, you can set up event triggered questions to ask customers the right questions at the right time. 

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