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5 ways to collect customer feedback

Collecting customer feedback is necessary as it helps shape your business around customer needs and shows how much you value your customers. Here are 5 easy ways to collect customer feedback.
Lucy McInally

Collecting customer feedback is necessary; it helps shape your business around customer needs and shows how much you value your customers. When you improve your business for the benefit of your customers, you’ll have an attractive offering that brings customers back again and again. However, the process of collecting customer feedback can be challenging. You might have experimented with processes but received low response rates. Or you’re about to integrate feedback collection methods, and want to learn which are most effective. In this blog post, we’ll share 5 ways to collect customer feedback.

Email surveys

A traditional customer feedback collection method is email surveys. Building a survey is quick and cost effective, especially using tools like SurveyMonkey and Typeform. However, if you’ve not provided an incentive for your customers, you can’t expect them to put aside time to respond to your survey. Incentivise customers by offering a reward or discount in exchange for customer feedback. Or use survey tools that require faster actions, for example, the Delighted rating system enables  customers to rate their experiences quickly. Whichever method you try, remember that one of the limitations of sending emails is that they might end up in your customers’ junk inbox. 

Feedback buttons and popup surveys on your website

If your website drives traffic, you might consider creating feedback buttons and popup surveys on your website. Integrate tools, such as Hotjar, to ask users specific questions and place your buttons on targeted web pages. Users only need to spend a few seconds responding to the short questions which, if your business is an online platform, makes feedback buttons and popups useful methods for collecting feedback. Yet, if your business provides physical offerings, for example, in the hospitality or coworking sectors, your website is likely to convert prospects into customers, and is not regularly used by customers.  In this case, website surveys won’t result in  high volumes of customer  feedback. 

Online help centres and chatbots

If you’re driving customers to your website, set up an online help centre or chatbot as part of your service offering, for your customer to ask for help. You don’t even need to have a physical person answering their queries, as you can implement automated responses using tools like Intercom. You can also record messages that you receive towards collecting feedback, however, the likelihood of receiving positive feedback is slim when this process is set up to resolve problems.

Instagram polls

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is set to become the world’s most popular social media platform. If your business has an Instagram account, then your customers are probably following your account, in order to support your business and see your updates. Using the Instagram story tool, you can ask your audience targeted questions via polls, “ask me a question” and yes or no question features. It’s easy for audiences to respond to questions due to the interactive nature of Instagram. However, Instagram is an open platform. Your followers aren’t necessarily customers, so it’s difficult to determine how many survey results are from followers who  have experienced your business first-hand. 

QR codes and NFC tags

In this post-pandemic world, we’re all well acquainted with QR codes in hospitality spaces. For customers, QR codes are easy to use and effortless, so they’re brilliant tools for collecting customer insights. Using digital services that provide NFC tags, like YOOLOX, your customers can answer a short question in exchange for a wireless charging session. Imagine a customer walks into your coffee shop venue, orders an oat latte and sits down at a table. They need to charge their phone. They scan the QR code on the table and a quick question pops up: “how did you like the oat milk?” Your customer selects their answer, places their phone down to charge and gets on with their day. The feedback is sent directly to your insights dashboard, where you’ve gathered a bank of customer data that’s ready for your merchants to review and make time sensitive improvements. Integrate our dynamic survey system into your operations, and set up event triggered questions that ask customers the right questions at the right time. 

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