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5 ways to improve guest experience in a coworking space

As coworking spaces continue to pop up across the UK, the coworking model is becoming a saturated market. How do you beat the competition? We’ve listed 5 ways to improve guest experiences in a coworking space.
Lucy McInally
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The coworking office model has become a popular solution for flexible working spaces. In 2019, a coworking space was opening every five days in London alone, according to Cushman & Wakefield’s 2020 coworking report. Although the pandemic caused uncertainty for coworking businesses, overall, it hasn’t reduced the demand for coworking spaces as an alternative to the office and home working. As coworking spaces continue to pop up across the UK, the coworking model is becoming a saturated market. How do you beat the competition? Amazing customer experiences make a coworking space stand out. In this blog post, we’ve listed 5 ways to improve guest experience in a coworking space.  

Create a welcoming environment

Coworking spaces are established on values of friendliness, wellbeing and positivity. This starts from the top and permeates across the company, by providing welcoming environments in each space. From greeting a customer or prospect with a smile and hello, to undertaking helpful acts across all methods of communication, email and social media marketing included, a welcoming environment really makes a difference. Great customer service leads to more positive experiences, higher retention and customer referrals. 

Host community events

Office rnd suggests that successful coworking spaces are those which incorporate the principles of community, hospitality and facility. Many professionals are drawn to coworking spaces because they want to meet others and become part of a community. To make “co” work, it’s important to facilitate communication between customers. Bring your customers together by hosting member events, which might include yoga sessions, book clubs or coffee mornings. To help your customers network within the community, you can ask them to host an event that promotes their business. Building a community is challenging yet, it’s most rewarding for setting your coworking space apart from the rest. The more your customers get out of their membership, the more they’ll rate your business because of their positive experiences. 

Pillars of a successful coworking space. Source: office rnd

Solve customers’ problems

Customers aren’t just coming to your coworking spaces to meet others, they also need to get some work done. Your coworking space must be able to facilitate this, from providing a variety of working spaces and amenities. You’ll also need to resolve your customers’ problems, which might range from fixing the wifi when it’s down to solving access control problems. Customer wellbeing is a top priority for you; the happier your customers are, the more likely they’ll extend their contracts with you.

Listen to customer feedback

Whilst solving customer problems might seem simple to you, do you know what their problems are? For example, your hot desk members might not come to tell you that the music is too loud in their working space, or your office tenants might not complain about the wifi when it constantly drops out. Consequently, you’ll need to choose the right tools to gather customer feedback. Check out our recent blog post on 5 ways to collect customer feedback. Email surveys, social media polls and QR codes - the best methods require consistently collecting feedback in a way that’s beneficial to your business and your customers. Additionally, if you gather feedback in real-time, you can make time sensitive changes to resolve customer needs. 

Operate an efficient system

If you’re operating a small coworking space and looking to scale up, you’ll need to use a management system in order to cope with customer growth. Here, you can track customer details, staff members, room bookings, stock and customer insights - all of which are essential towards pleasing your customers. Kept together in an efficient system, your company’s organisation and efficiency will contribute towards providing excellent customer experiences.  

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