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3 benefits of ordering systems in restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes were hit hard by the pandemic. However, restricted social interactions led to the acceleration of technologies, an example being ordering systems.
Lucy McInally
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Restaurants and cafes were hit hard by the pandemic; hospitality venues had to close during outbreaks which led to massive losses, and requirements for expensive pieces of equipment were mostly necessary in the short-term. However, restricted social interactions led to the acceleration of technologies, an example being ordering systems that allow customers to place an order using devices from their tables. Let’s look at 3 benefits of ordering systems in restaurants and cafes. 

Improve customer experience

Restaurants and cafes are customer-centric, because happy customers result in business growth. This can be enhanced using restaurant technology, a survey from 2017 found that 79% of participants agreed that restaurant technology improves guest experience. If your venue provides table service, an ordering system benefits you in two ways. Firstly, when customers arrive at your venue, they don’t need a waiter to come over and serve them. They can simply sit down and place an order when they’re ready, meaning customers won’t become impatient. They’ll also take responsibility for their order, thus reducing mistakes made by forgetful waiters. If you currently require customers to order at your counter, they might feel anxious about leaving their table. For instance, customers who come to your cafe to work will probably bring expensive equipment with them, such as laptops, and would rather not leave their belongings unattended. Consequently, ordering systems make overall positive customer experiences.

Boost revenue 

When you’re out for lunch, do you ever fancy a second course but can’t be bothered to get the attention of a waiter or get up and join a long queue to order? For customers, an ordering system saves time and they’ll be more inclined to order over and over again. This increases your sales. If your cafe operates as a coworking space during the week, your customers will want to spend a decent amount of time at your venue. Knowing that they can save time by ordering using their phone incentivises them to stay longer. A quick coffee and phone call might turn into a half-day deep work session that’s rewarded by lunch afterwards…all taking place at your venue.

Gather valuable insights

Restaurant technology will help you learn more about your business and make time-sensitive improvements. Track best selling items with the YOOLOX self-serve ordering system. When a customer places an order, the data is sent to your customer insights dashboard, where you can manage popular orders and requests. Use this data to make improvements to your offering, for example, whilst testing a new menu - read more in our recent blog post on this. Use our unique device recognition technology to gain insights on lifetime value (LTV) - an estimate of the average revenue that a customer generates - which helps you determine decisions from marketing budgets to resources and forecasting profitability. To create a personal experience for returning customers, use our ordering system to keep customer favourites. Next time they visit your venue, their favourite dishes and drinks will be saved to make their customer experience even more positive and efficient. 

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